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Discotheque created the work in December 2015 on four dancers as part of the One Course Program in Canberra, Australia. Critics described the work to have "a witty soundtrack which combined music by Chopin, Holly Herndon and Flux Pavillion for a delightfully quirky exploration of 'the smile', her work required great precision from the dancers and worked brilliantly."    

excerpts from the program
"When was the last time you smiled at someone you didn’t like? Probably today. The outer shell, the persona- to please, to impress, to conform, to be liked, to be loved. We are all trying to be ‘the ideal’ in some shape or form.  A direction of perfection. A bit of a show."     

Alex Abbot, Milly Vanzwol, Nasim Patel and Jordan Bretherton