shaving a cactus

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​​The work was created on New Zealand School of Dance Students by Holly Newsome in the 2016 Choreographic season, ​Scope. One critic remarks  “most notably Holly Newsome's, Shaving a Cactus, showcases these young dancers' joy in robotic mechanised movement. They do the twitchy demented humanoid thing well. Newsome's work also stands out for its greater complexity and visual uniqueness, relative to other items"  

 excerpts from the program
"I don't believe it's possible to shave a cactus. I don't believe it's possible to be perfect."

Issy Estrella, Holly Brogan, Gus Syben, Toa Paranihi, Connor Massuers, Kit Reilly, Georgia Sekulla, Georgia Van Gils, Breanna Timms, Isaac DiNatalie, Alex Warren, Jessica Johns and Olivia Knapton