missing lids​​

"The generally accepted age for wearing lipstick is about 14"

A new orignial work by Holly Newsome coming to Auckland in 2018.

Basement Theatre, Auckland- March 6th-10th 6.30pm

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Thank you to DANZ and Wellesley Studios Summer Residency


​​Little babies with tartan genetics. Believe it or not, this story is based on a true story. This is not a lie. The culture of our future. I’m a fan if you’re a fan.​​

Dancers: Tyler Carney, Adam Naughton and Georgia Beechey

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You may have noticed that bus seats are tragically zingy, bright and dramatically patterned. This is because they don't want the public to see just how dirty they really are.

A lot like the seats, never do we show all of our true colours, usually there's one for every occasion.

With this I give you something simply entertaining, but not necessarily necessary.

Dancers: Tiana Lung, Issy Estrella, Rowan Rossi and Jess Newman
Funded by Toi Poneke for Wellington Fringe Festival 2017 

Video by Tinhipi Films

Review by Ann Hunt: 


Once apon a time there was a little pumpkin, now this was no ordinary little pumpkin, this pumpkin lived under a stair case. A slightly rediculous fairy tale told by three females in bright orange velvet. 

Holly created this work as a part of the Dance Architect competition held in Melbourne in 2016.  From this the Company has won a two week residency in Australia for 2017 to develop more work.

Dancers: Issy Estrella, Grace Bentley and Jessica Johns.


 ​When was the last time you smiled at someone you didn’t like? Probably today. The outer shell, the persona- to please, to impress, to conform, to be liked, to be loved. We are all trying to be ‘the ideal’ in some shape or form.  A direction of perfection. A bit of a show.      

​ Holly Newsome created the work in December 2015 on four dancers as part of the One Course Program in Canberra, Australia. Critics described the work to have "a witty soundtrack which combined music by Chopin, Holly Herndon and Flux Pavillion for a delightfully quirky exploration of 'the smile', her work required great precision from the dancers and worked brilliantly."    

Dancers: Alex Abbot, Milly Vanzwol, Nasim Patel and Jordan Bretherton    


    I don't believe it's possible to shave a cactus. I don't believe it's possible to be perfect. A continuation from This Tan Is Real. A crazy world filled with Shania Twain and Balmorhea- sure to make you smile because 'everybody loves muffins'.    

    The work was created on New Zealand School of Dance Students by Holly Newsome in the 2016 Choreographic show Scope. One critic remarks  “most notably Holly Newsome's, Shaving a Cactus, showcases these young dancers' joy in robotic mechanised movement. They do the twitchy demented humanoid thing well. Newsome's work also stands out for its greater complexity and visual uniqueness, relative to other items"   

    Issy Estrella, Holly Brogan, Gus Syben, Toa Paranihi, Connor Massuers, Kit Reilly, Georgia Sekulla, Georgia Van Gils, Breanna Timms, Isaac DiNatalie, Alex Warren, Jessica Johns and Olivia Knapton    
  1. Jan-March 2018
    Missing Lids
    Missing Lids is a new full length work that will be developed in Auckland as a part of the Wellesley Studios Summer Residency. Shows to be performed at the Basement Theatre, Auckland City, March 6th-10th, 2018