The project based company began in 2016 with the aim to fuse obscure art forms, regaling a wider audience and bringing contemporary dance to the fore. DTQ is beyond a ‘dance’ experience through it’s diversity and infectious performance offers.


I always start with a definition. The plain, hard, simple facts. I almost see art as mathematical – i see my work as mathematical. When you look around you see things that are designed to be ascetically pleasing, you see colour, shapes and things that move- humans like this. I like to think my work is a reflection of something tangible, something a human can grasp easily. When and audience can understand, an audience can appreciate. It’s actually unusual to translate an in-depth concept into dance because dance is a completely different medium- not traditionally used as a ‘language’ as such. That’s why we have to work extremely hard to translate any form of communication to the viewers. Dance is visual and this is what i work with. Visually pleasing. It doesn’t necessarily have to make sense on paper, but it has to make the human eye happy. Sound is a vital aspect in my work- it makes sense of movement, it connects brain to heart. With these simple elements i present to you something surprising, energetic, physically impressive and a creative treat in your everyday life.

holly (choreographer)

Holly Newsome is a graduate of the New Zealand School of Dance.

Holly has worked with many recognised choreographers such as Anouk Van Dijk, Lloyd Newson and Stephanie Lake. This has initiated her own choreographic voice. Holly's first contemporary work was created in Canberra in 2015 as a part of the On Course program.  Since then, she has moved on to working with Footnote NZ Dance for their national tour of New Zealand as well as taking the role of assistant choreographer of the World of Wearable Arts in 2017.

choreographic  projects

Choreographic director for TVNZ New Zealand sign language week advert (2018).
Missing Lids, choreographed by Holly Newsome funded by DANZ and Wellesley Studios (2018).
Dancer/Model/Assistant choreographer for World of Weareable Arts (WOW) (2017).
Sweet Salt, choreographed by Holly Newsome for Footnote NZ Dance and their national tour of The Rebel Pink (2017).
Incognito, choreographed by Holly Newsome funded by Toi Poneke and the Wellington City Council (2017).
This Tan Is Real, choreographed for QL2 On Course (2015).
Fiercely Cool Animal Shapes, choreographed by Holly Newsome as a part of the Dance Architect Melbourne (2016).
Shaving A Cactus, choreographed by Holly Newsome as part of NZSD Choreographic Season (2016).

danced in

World of Wearable Arts, dancer (2014, 2017).
Political Mother, Choreographed by Hofesh Shechter as a part of the NZSD Graduation Season (2016).
Incant, choreographed by Amber Haines (Dance North) as a part of the NZSD Graduation Season (2016).
Minatures, choreographed by Malia Johnston performed at Tempo Dance Festival Auckland (2016).
Conditions Of Entry (C.O.E), choreographed by Thomas Bradley as a part of the NZSD Graduation Season (2015).​
Pax, choreographed by Sarah Foster-Sproull as a part of the NZSD Graduation Season (2015).